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Venture Gym is an expert company which concentrates on the development of the business requirements of its customers.  The history of Venture Gym Inc. goes back to 2010, when the first company accelerator training directed at start-up companies was carried out.


The strength of the company is in wide-ranging expertise which is independent of business field, as well as a good cooperative network, the know-how of which the company utilizes in customer projects. The company offers productized company accelerator, training, expert and financing services, particularly for start-up companies and entrepreneurs, as well as those seeking growth.


We concentrate on the questions that are fundamental from the point of view of the business operations of our customers, help to identify possibilities to create added value and take development right through to the end in a straightforward way. In addition to our own know-how, we offer a network of international colleagues, investors and top specialists in business management for the use of our customers.


In addition to Finland, we operate in San Francisco and Berlin.


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We are specialized in start-up and growth-seeking companies and possess deep expertise when a customer needs to make difficult choices, direct resources, or has to be able to revamp itself in a changing market.

"Money is the most powerful and pervasive secular force on the planet. Yet for most, it's a source of mysticism and mystery"


Dick Wagner, JD, CFP

We commit to the improvement of the competitive ability and internationalization of our customers and support the entrepreneur in putting strategic measures into practice.

Startti - Program

The idea behind the operations of Venture Gym Inc. is to offer expert services that support growth and internationalization to companies that are starting out – as well as companies which are separating from existing companies.


For this, we have productized our own Start program, which is aimed at innovative companies with international potential and a desire to grow.


Our Start program combines innovative business and product ideas, internationally experienced professionals in entrepreneurship and public and private financing. During Start, measures are carried out together with entrepreneurs, the aim of which is to refine potential companies quickly into targets suitable for investment from the perspective of risk investors.


Our Start program is made up of two parts. In the first part, entrepreneurs are given the basic requisites and they and the company are trained in the basics. In the second stage, areas for development that have been observed on a company-specific level are concentrated on.

The Start program can be applied for with a free-form application. Selection for the program is done on the basis of applications and interviews.



"So a lot of people is an animal smarter, it does not take more than you need. Man does not even know what you need."


Demokritos, 460-371 ekr.

The Startti - program can apply for free-form application. The selection program is made on the basis of applications and interviews.

We are interested in

We are focused on industries that are:


     Video and Mobile Games

     Scalable ICT solutions

     Health and wellbeing

     Renewable Energy and Fintech


We are focused on companies with:



     Have international potential

     The owners are committed to

     Good team and know-how

Our Services


We offer a diverse range of expert services for the development and management of business operations and services, for actions that take place both domestically and abroad.

Start is a productized service which is meant for all companies and entrepreneurs who believe in their idea and its growth possibilities. Start aims at rapid growth and internationalization.


The Start program can be applied for with a free-form application. Selection for the program is done on the basis of applications and interviews.





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Funding Services


We offer a diverse range of investment services for client companies, either alone or together with other investors.

The most typical financing situations are product development, investments, corporate acquisitions, reorganizations of ownership and financing and working capital needs. With our expertise and network, we can offer the right financing alternatives for every situation.



Expert Services


In expert services, we combine our diverse expertise and experience into clear solutions to the challenges of our customers - growth, development, risk management, good management, and improvement of performance at all stages of operations.


Our business management specialists create concrete and value-adding solutions to the challenges of the business operations of our customers.



Board of Directors and management teams     R&D     Sales and Marketing     Internationalization     Establishing a presence    Partner Networks


Starter - the results achieved during the program:


78 pc.

65 M€.

8 pc.



70 New jobs




8 Spin-off

6 Patents

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